Who We Are

History of BRFC...

The club was originally formed as the Brevard Rare Fruit Council in 1982 by a group of local fruit lovers who wanted to share their experiences of growing sub tropical and tropical fruit here in Brevard County.  Since our county is just above the sub-tropic zone growing these fruits can present some challenges but as we have shown for many, many years you CAN enjoy the fruits of your labor!!  The name of the organization was changed in 2012 to better reflect what we do.  We also offer scholarships each year to students who are pursuing a higher education in agriculture/horticulture.

Who we are...

The Brevard Tropical Fruit Club  is a 501c  non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the introduction, propagation and distribution of new species, improved varieties and mutations of fruit plants. Through our monthly meetings, seminars and field trips, we collect and share information regarding propagation techniques, growth characteristics, cold and salt tolerances, and other environmental requirements. Brevard Tropical Fruit Club  is part of an alliance of Tropical & Rare Fruit Councils from Florida to California and Hawaii.


What we do...

Club members exchange seeds, cuttings, grafts and young trees at club meetings or among themselves. You could say that there's a bit of "Johnny Appleseed" in all of us, since our goal is to make fruit trees readily available and to encourage everyone to grow edible landscaping plants. Many of the members are specialists in specific varieties of fruit trees, and are eager to share this knowledge with others.


How strong we are...

The Brevard Tropical Fruit Club over 300 active members from across the United States. Currently we have members from as far away as California, Indiana, New York, and New Jersey. Membership has increased steadily over the past  years. Typical increases of 10 to 15 percent per year have been realized. Don't miss out - join today!  Click here for the Membership Application!


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