Fruit Information for Persimmon


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Persimmon Plant Persimmon Leaf Persimmon Bloom Young Persimmon Fruit Mature Persimmon Fruit
Common Name: Persimmon Scientific Name: Diospyros kaki
Other Names: Japanese Persimmon, Kaki, Oriental Persimmon
PH Range: 5.0 to 6.0 (slight acidic) Salt Tolerance: Salt Intolerant
Cold Tolerance: High, Damaged at 0 F, Killed at -5 F Soil Type: Moist but well drained
Size: 25 Ft. High Varieties: Non-Astringent: Fuyu, Gosho, Imoto, Izu, Jiro, Maekawajiro, Okugosho, Suruga. Astringent: Eureka, Hachiya, Honan Red, Saijo, Tamopan, Tanenashi, and Triumph. Pollination Variant Varieties (astringent when seedless): Chocolate, Gailey, Hyakume, Maru, Nishimura Wase.
Comments: Does not fruit well in extreme South Florida. Propagation by graft. They come in two basic types, astringent and non astringent. Astringent persimmons must be fully ripe (and soft) for the astringency not to be a problem. The non-astringent needs to be jelly soft before being eaten. Freezing the fruit overnight and then thawing it softens the fruit and removes astringency

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