Fruit Information for Papaya


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Papaya Leaf Papaya Bloom Young Papaya Fruit
Common Name: Papaya Scientific Name: Carica papaya
Other Names: Papaw, Mamao, Tree Melon
PH Range: slight acidic 5.5 to 6.7 Salt Tolerance: Do not tolerate salty water or soil
Cold Tolerance: Damaged at 31 F, Killed at 28 F Soil Type: light, well-drained soil. Easily killed by excess moisture.
Size: Can grow to 12 ft. in height. Under optimal conditions it can reach 20 ft. in height. Varieties: Kamiya, Mexican Red, Mexican Yellow, Solo, Sunrise, Sunset, Vista Solo, Waimanalo
Comments: Some plants will only bear short-stalked female flowers, while others may bear only male flowers. Some plants may have both, male and female flowers. Male or bisexual plants may change completely to female plants after being beheaded. Seedling papayas do not transplant well. Transplant them at most once. Some fruit may weight up to 10 lbs and be 15 inches long. Papaya leaves contain papain which is used to tenderize meat and helps on the digestion.

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