Fruit Information for Nectarine


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Nectarine Plant Nectarine Leaf Nectarine Bloom Young Nectarine Fruit Mature Nectarine Fruit
Common Name: Nectarine Scientific Name: Prunus persica nectarina
Other Names: ???
PH Range: 6.5 Salt Tolerance: ???
Cold Tolerance: Very good, from -4° F. to -13° F Soil Type: Soil should be a deep, fine sandy loam soil with good soil drainage
Size: 15 ft. high and 15 ft. wide Varieties: Firebrite, Sunglo, Flavortop, Redgold, Fantasia
Comments: Needs 200 to 800 chilling hours to produce well. Nectarines always have to be picked ripe. They do not ripe well after they have been picked. You can keep nectarines for one to three days but you have to be very carefull, one small bruise and it will go bad on that spot. Nectarines are self-pollinating so it is ok to have just one tree.
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