Miracle Fruit

Fruit Information for Miracle Fruit


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Mature Miracle Fruit
Common Name: Miracle Fruit Scientific Name: Synsepalum dulcificum
Other Names: Miracle Berry
PH Range: Acidic soils are a must. Prefers 4.5 to 5.8 Salt Tolerance: ???
Cold Tolerance: Damaged at 31 F, Killed at 26 F Soil Type: Does not like to sit in wet soils, but needs highly humid conditions
Size: Can get to 18 ft. in its native habitat in tropical West Africa, but rarely goes over 5 ft in other locations. Varieties: Hirsutus - Hairy leaves instead of the common smooth-leaf types.
Comments: Miracle fruit have a chemical that inhibits the sour sensation on the tongue and turns it into a sweet taste. A person can eat the most sour of lemons for up to a half hour after eating a miracle fruit and it will taste pleasantly sweet. Plant should be raised in a container. It will rarely grow larger than 5 ft. outside of its natural habitat in tropical west Africa. If grown indoors, needs a plastic bag over it to conserve humidity.

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