Fruit Information for Grumichama


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Grumichama Plant Grumichama Leaf Grumichama Bloom Young Grumichama Fruit Mature Grumichama Fruit
Common Name: Grumichama Scientific Name: Eugenia brasiliensis/dombeyi
Other Names: Grumixama, Brazil Cherry
PH Range: Acid Salt Tolerance: ???
Cold Tolerance: Damaged at 30 F, Killed at 26 F Soil Type: Prefers deep, fertile, sandy loam.
Size: 65 ft. in its native environment Varieties: Leucocarpus Berg
Comments: Fully ripe grumichamas are pleasant to nibble out-of-hand. in Hawaii, half-ripe fruits are made into pie, jam or jelly.

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