Fruit Information for Cashew


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Cashew Plant Cashew Leaf Cashew Bloom Young Cashew Fruit Mature Cashew Fruit
Common Name: Cashew Fruit Scientific Name: Anacardium occidentale
Other Names: Cashew Apple, Cajueiro, Cashu, Acajoiba, Acajou, Acaju, Cajou, Jocote Maranon, Pomme Cajou
PH Range: 4.5 TO 6.5 (acidic) Salt Tolerance: Less tolerant of saline soil than most coastal plants
Cold Tolerance: Damaged at 32 F, Killed at 28 F Soil Type: Tolerant of poor soils and dry conditions. Soil must be well drained. Will not tolerate standing water.
Size: Up to 40 Ft. tall Varieties: n/a
Comments: A very tonic and nutritious fruit. Lots of vitamin C (>500% RDA), Beta-carotene, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Protein, and others. Has a very toxic substance on the nut shell which can cause dermatitis. Nut should only be extracted after roasting and with specialized equipment.

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