Barbados Cherry

Fruit Information for Barbados Cherry


Plant Leaf Bloom Young Fruit Mature Fruit
Barbados Cherry Plant Barbados Cherry Leaf Barbados Cherry Flower Young Barbados Cherry Fruit Mature Barbados Cherry Fruit
Common Name: Barbados Cherry Scientific Name: Malpighia punicifolia
Other Names: Acerola, West Indian Cherry, Semeruco
PH Range:> 5.5 Salt Tolerance: Tolerates small amounts of salt
Cold Tolerance: Damaged at 30 F, Killed at 27 F Soil Type: Tolerant of poor soils and dry conditions. Soil must be well drained, and for the most part, dry.
Size: Up to 15 Ft. tall bush. Varieties: None
Comments: A very tonic and nutritious fruit. The fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C known to man -- 65 times more than an orange.

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